afrika_sl (afrika_sl) wrote,

Notes of a Terrorist* (*Freedom Fighter), chapter 4

A few minutes of knocking at the gate and shouting "Is anybody here?" didn’t bring any result. Somehow, I did not want to go inside by myself—first, the doggy wasn’t looking friendly, and second, who knows what’s there. And who. Perhaps I should call back and tell the good news of my arrival. I pulled the phone out of my pocket, dialed… "There is not enough money on your account..." Wonderful. As always, just in time. I knocked again. Zero response, but the dog barked a couple of times without much enthusiasm. Mmmm... Maybe the taxi driver dropped me at the wrong place? And what am I supposed to do? I walked around the fence to the left. There were some gardens. I returned. Still no one. The doggy barked from time to time. Fuck. I heard a noise and looked around. A young boy on a bicycle was coming to the gate.
"Hi!” I said as friendly as I could imitate. “You live here?"
"Hello!” Politely replied the young generation. “I do. You’re here to see my Pa?”


Tags: africa, english, notes of a freedom fighter, notes of a terrorist, novorossiya, rebels, russia, russian conservatives, separatists, the donbass war
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